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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Vol. III:
Doctrinal Treatises of St. Augustin: Section 6

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6. If this Queen ye see not, now rich also with royal progeny. If she see not that fulfilled which she heard to have been promised, she, unto whom it was said, “Hear, O daughter, and see.” If she hath not left the ancient rites of the world, she, unto whom it was said, “Forget thy own people and thy Father’s house.” If she confesses not every where Christ the Lord, she, unto whom it was said, “The King hath desired thy beauty, for He is the Lord thy God.” If she sees not the cities of the nations pour forth prayers and offer gifts unto Christ, concerning Whom it was said unto her, “There shall worship Him the daughters of Tyre with gifts.” If the pride also of the rich is not laid aside, and they do not entreat help of the Church, unto whom it was said, “Thy face shall all the rich of the people entreat.” If He acknowledges not the King’s daughter, unto Whom she was bidden to say, “Our Father Who art in Heaven;” 1664 and in her saints in the inner man she is not renewed from day to day, concerning whom it was said, “All the glory of that King’s daughter is within:” although she strike upon the eyes of them also that are without with the blaze 1665 of the fame of her preachers, in diversity of tongues, as “in fringes of gold, and raiment of divers colors.” If there be not, now that His fame is spread abroad in every place by His good odor, 1666 virgins also brought unto Christ to be consecrated, of Whom it is said, and to Whom it is said, “There shall be brought unto the King the virgins after her, her companions shall be brought unto Thee.” And that they might not seem to be brought like captives, into some, as it were, prison, he says, “They shall be brought in joy and gladness, they shall be brought into the King’s temple.” If she brings not forth sons, that of them she may have, as it were, fathers, whom she may appoint unto herself every where as rulers, she, unto whom it is said, “Instead of thy fathers there are born unto thee sons, thou shall set them as princes over the whole earth:” unto whose prayers their mother both preferred and made subject, commends herself, “They shall be mindful of thy name, even from generation to generation.” If, by reason of the preaching of those same fathers, wherein they have without ceasing made mention of her name, there are not so great multitudes in her gathered together, and without end in their own tongues unto her confess the praise of grace, unto whom it is said, “Therefore shall the people confess unto thee for ever, and for ever and ever.” If these things are not so shown to be clear, as that the eyes of enemies find not in what direction to turn aside, where the same clearness strikes them not, so as by it to be obliged to confess what is evident: you perhaps assert with reason, that no proofs are shown to you, by seeing which you may believe those things also which you see not. But if those things, which you see, both have been foretold long before, and are so clearly fulfilled; if the truth itself makes itself clear to you, by effects 1667 going before and following after, O remnant of unbelief, that ye may believe the things which you see not, blush at those things which ye see.



Matt. 6:9, 2 Cor. 4:16Matt. vi. 9; 2 Cor. iv. 16


Ben. conj. “fulgente,” for “fulgentes.”


Song of Sol. 1.3


The Prophecy might be called an “effect” as well as its fulfillment; or read “verbis,” for “vobis,” “clear by words going before and effects following after.” For further illustration see St. Aug. on Ps. 45.

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