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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol IX:
Origen's Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew.: Chapter XV

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15.  How Men Followed Jesus.

Only, when Jesus had finished these words, having spoken them in Galilee about Capernaum, then “He departed thence, and came into the borders of Judæa,” 6151 which were different from Galilee.  But He came to the borders of Judæa, and not to the middle of it, but, as it were, to the outermost parts, where great multitudes followed Him, 6152 whom He healed at “the borders of Judæa beyond Jordan,”—where baptism had been given. 6153   But you will observe the difference between the crowds who simply followed, and Peter and the others who gave up everything and followed, and Matthew, who arose and followed him; 6154 he did not simply follow, but “having arisen;” for “having arisen” is an important addition.  There are always those, then, who follow like the great multitudes, who have not arisen that they may follow, nor have given up all that was theirs formerly, but few are they who have arisen and followed, who also, in the regeneration, shall sit on twelve thrones. 6155   Only, if one wishes to be healed, let him follow Jesus.



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