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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol IX:
Epistle to Gregory and Origen's Commentary on the Gospel of John.: Chapter XXVI

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26.  Christ as the Way.

But that progress too, which is in wisdom and which is found by those who seek their salvation in it to do for them what they require both in respect of exposition of truth in the divine word and in respect of conduct according to true righteousness, it lets us understand how Christ is the way.  In this way we have to take nothing with us, 4595 neither wallet nor coat; we must travel without even a stick, nor must we have shoes on our feet.  For this road is itself sufficient for all the supplies of our journey; and every one who walks on it wants nothing.  He is clad with a garment which is fit for one who is setting out in response to an invitation to a wedding; and on this road he cannot meet anything that can annoy him.  “No one,” Solomon says, 4596 “can find out the way of a serpent upon a p. 313 rock.”  I would add, or that of any other beast.  Hence there is no need of a staff on this road, on which there is no trace of any hostile creature, and the hardness of which, whence also it is called rock (petra), makes it incapable of harbouring anything hurtful.



Matt. x. 10.


Prov. xxx. 19.

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