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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol IX:
The Epistles of Clement.: Chapter XIX

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Chapter XIX.—Reward of the Righteous, Although They May Suffer.

So then, brothers and sisters, 4409 after the God of truth 4410 I address to you an appeal that ye may give heed to the words written, 4411 that ye may save both yourselves and him who reads an address in your midst.  For as a reward I ask of you repentance with the whole heart, while ye bestow upon yourselves salvation and life.  For by so doing we shall set a mark for all the young who wish to be diligent in godliness and the goodness of God.  And let not us, in our folly, feel displeasure and indignation, whenever any one admonishes us and turns us from unrighteousness to righteousness.  For there are some wicked deeds which we commit, and know it not, because of the double-mindedness and unbelief present in our breasts, and our understanding is darkened by vain desires.  Let us, therefore, work righteousness, that we may be saved to the end.  Blessed are they who obey these commandments, even if for a brief space they suffer in this world, and they will gather the imperishable fruit of the resurrection.  Let not the godly man, therefore, grieve; if for the present he suffer affliction, blessed is the time that awaits him there; rising up to life again with the fathers he will rejoice for ever without a grief.



Indicative of the approaching close.


Bryennius interprets this to refer to the Scripture-lesson.


Either the Scripture-lesson or the homily.

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