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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol IX:
The Epistles of Clement.: Chapter IX

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Chapter IX.—We Shall Be Judged in the Flesh.

And let no one of you say that this very flesh shall not be judged, nor rise again.  Consider ye in what [state] ye were saved, in what ye received sight, 4378 if not while ye were in this flesh.  We must therefore preserve the flesh as the temple of God.  For as ye were called in the flesh, ye shall also come [to be judged] in the flesh.  As Christ 4379 the Lord who saved us, though He was first a Spirit 4380 became flesh, and thus called us, so shall we also receive the reward in this flesh.  Let us therefore love one another, that we may all attain to the kingdom of God.  While we have an opportunity of being healed, let us yield ourselves to God that healeth us, and give to Him a recompense.  Of what sort?  Repentance out of a sincere heart; for He knows all things beforehand, and is acquainted with what is in our hearts.  Let us therefore give Him praise, not with the mouth only, but also with the heart, that He may accept us as sons.  For the Lord has said, “Those are my brethren who do the will of my Father.” 4381



Literally, “looked up.”


The ms. has εἷς, “one,” which Wake follows, but it seems clearly a mistake for ὡς.


I. λόγος (word).


Matt. xii. 50.

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