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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol IX:
The Epistles of Clement.: Chapter XLVIII

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Chapter XLVIII.—Let Us Return to the Practice of Brotherly Love.

Let us therefore, with all haste, put an end 4261 to this [state of things]; and let us fall down before the Lord, and beseech Him with tears, that He would mercifully 4262 be reconciled to us, and restore us to our former seemly and holy practice of brotherly love.  For [such conduct] is the gate of righteousness, which is set open for the attainment of life, as it is written, “Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go in by them, and will praise the Lord:  this is the gate of the p. 244 Lord:  the righteous shall enter in by it.” 4263   Although, therefore, many gates have been set open, yet this gate of righteousness is that gate in Christ by which blessed are all they that have entered in and have directed their way in holiness and righteousness, doing all things without disorder.  Let a man be faithful:  let him be powerful in the utterance of knowledge; let him be wise in judging of words; let him be pure in all his deeds; yet the more he seems to be superior to others [in these respects], the more humble-minded ought he to be, and to seek the common good of all, and not merely his own advantage.



Literally, “remove.”


Literally, “becoming merciful.”


Ps. 18:19, 20.

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