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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol IX:
The Diatessaron of Tatian.: Subscriptions.

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p. 130 Subscriptions.

I.  In Borgian ms.

Here endeth the Gospel which Tatianus compiled and named Diatessaron, i.e., The Fourfold, a compilation from the four Gospels of the holy Apostles, the excellent Evangelists (peace be upon them).  It was translated by the excellent and learned priest, Abu’l Faraj ‘Abdulla ibn-at-Tayyib 3872 (may God grant him favour), from Syriac into Arabic, from an exemplar written by ‘Isa 3873 ibn-‘Ali al-Motatabbib, 3874 pupil of Honain ibn-Ishak (God have mercy on them both).  Amen.

2.  In Vatican ms. 3875

Here endeth, by the help of God, the holy Gospel that Titianus compiled from the four Gospels, which is known as Diatessaron.  And praise be to God, as he is entitled to it and lord of it!  And to him be the glory for ever.



See note 1 to Introductory Note in Borg. ms. (above, p. 42).


ms., by misplacing the diacritical signs, has Ghobasi.


The ms. has Mottayyib; but Ciasca, in an additional note inserted after the volume was printed, gives the correct form.


The Arabic text of this Subscription is given by Ciasca in his essay, De Tatiani Diatessaron arabica Versione, in I. B. Pitra’s Analecta Sacra, tom. iv., p. 466.

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