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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Memoirs of Edessa And Other Ancient Syriac Documents.: Part I

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p. 702 Ancient Syriac Documents.


Moses of Chorene. 3291

History of Armenia.

I. 3292

Reign of Abgar; Armenia becomes completely tributary to the Romans; war with Herod’s troops; his brother’s son, Joseph, is killed.

Abgar, son of Archam, ascends the throne in the twentieth year of Archavir, king of the Persians.  This Abgar was called Avak-air (great man), on account of his great gentleness and wisdom, and also on account of his size.  Not being able to pronounce well, the Greeks and the Syrians called him Abgar.  In the second year of his reign, all the districts of Armenia become tributary to the Romans.  A command is given by the Emperor Augustus, as we are told in the Gospel of St. Luke, to number all the people in every part.  Roman commissioners, sent for that purpose into Armenia, carried thither the statue of the Emperor Augustus, and set it up in all the temples.  At this very time, our Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came into the world.

At the same period there was trouble between Abgar and Herod:  for Herod wished that his statue should be erected near to that of Cæsar in the temples of Armenia.  Abgar withstood this claim.  Moreover, Herod was but seeking a pretext to attack Abgar:  he sent an army of Thracians and Germans to make an incursion into the country of the Persians, with orders to pass through the territories of Abgar.  But Abgar, far from submitting to this, resisted, saying that the emperor’s command was to march the troops into Persia through the desert.  Herod, indignant, and unable to act by himself, overwhelmed with troubles, as a punishment for his wicked conduct towards Christ, as Josephus relates, sent his nephew to whom he had given his daughter, who had been married in the first instance to Phéror, his brother.  Herod’s lieutenant, at the head of a considerable army, hastened to reach Mesopotamia, met Abgar at the camp in the province of Pouknan, fell in the combat, and his troops were put to flight.  Soon afterwards, Herod died: Archelaus, his son, was appointed by Augustus ethnarch of Judæa.



This extract is taken from the edition, in two volumes, printed at Paris, of which the following is the title:  MOÏSE, DE KHORÈNE, auteur du Ve Siècle:  HISTOIRE D’ARMÉNIE, texte Arménien et traduction Francaise, avec notes explicatives et précis historiques sur l’Arménie, par P. E. Le Vaillant de Florival.


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