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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Memoirs of Edessa And Other Ancient Syriac Documents.: Part III

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From the epistle of Addæus the apostle, which he spake in the city of Edessa. 2946

Give heed to this ministry which ye hold, and with fear and trembling continue ye in it, and minister every day.  Minister ye not in it with neglectful habits, but with the discreetness of faith.  And let not the praises of Christ cease out of your mouth, and let not any sense of weariness come over you at the season of prayers.  Give heed to the verity which ye hold, and to the teaching of the truth which ye have received, and to the teaching of salvation which I commit to you.  Because before the tribunal of Christ will it be required of you, when He maketh reckoning with the pastors and overseers, and when He shall take His money from the traders with the usury of what they have taught. 2947   For He is the Son of a King, and goeth to receive a kingdom, and He will return and come and make a resuscitation to life of all men.



From Cod. Add. 17,193, fol. 36.  See Teaching of Addæus, p. 657, infra.


Or “of the doctrines.”—Tr.

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