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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Memoirs of Edessa And Other Ancient Syriac Documents.: Part I

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p. 655 Ancient Syriac Documents.


Extracts from Various Books Concerning Abgar the King and Addæus the Apostle.


Of the blessed Addæus the apostle.  From his teaching which he gave in Edessa before Abgar the King and the assembly of the city. 2944

And, when he had entered the sepulchre, he was raised to life again, and came forth from the sepulchre with many.  And those who were guarding the sepulchre saw not how He came forth from the sepulchre; but the watchers from on high—they were the proclaimers and announcers of His resurrection.  For, had He not willed, He had not died, because He is Lord of death, the exit from this life; nor, had it not pleased Him, would He have put on a body, inasmuch as He is Himself the framer of the body.  For that will which led Him to stoop to be born of the Virgin, likewise caused Him further to descend to the suffering of death.—And a little after (we read):  For, although His appearance was that of men, yet His power, and His knowledge, and his authority, were those of God.



Taken from Cod. Add. 14,535, fol. i.

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