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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2.

And Pilate seeing this, was afraid, and sought to go away from the tribunal; but when he was still thinking of going away, his wife sent to him, saying:  Have nothing to do with this just man, for many things have I suffered on his account this night. 1812   And Pilate, summoning the Jews, says to them:  You know that my wife is a worshipper of God, and prefers to adhere to the Jewish religion along with you.  They say to him:  Yes; we know.  Pilate says to them:  Behold, my wife 1813 has sent to me, saying, Have nothing to do with this just man, for many things have I suffered on account of him this night.  And the Jews answering, say unto Pilate:  Did we not tell thee that he was a sorcerer? 1814 behold, he has sent a dream to thy wife.

p. 418 And Pilate, having summoned Jesus, says to Him:  What do these witness against thee?  Sayest thou nothing?  And Jesus said:  Unless they had the power, they would say nothing; for every one has the power of his own mouth to speak both good and evil.  They shall see to it. 1815

And the elders of the Jews answered, and said to Jesus:  What shall we see? first, that thou wast born of fornication; secondly, that thy birth in Bethlehem was the cause of the murder of the infants; thirdly, that thy father Joseph and thy mother Mary fled into Egypt because they had no confidence in the people.

Some of the bystanders, pious men of the Jews, say:  we deny that he was born of fornication; for we know that Joseph espoused Mary, and he was not born of fornication.  Pilate says to the Jews who said that he was of fornication:  This story of yours is not true, because they were betrothed, as also these fellow-countrymen of yours say.  Annas and Caiaphas say to Pilate:  All the multitude of us cry out that he was born of fornication, and are not believed; these are proselytes, and his disciples.  And Pilate, calling Annas and Caiaphas, says to them:  What are proselytes?  They say to him:  They are by birth children of the Greeks, and have now become Jews.  And those that said that He was not born of fornication, viz.—Lazarus, Asterius, Antonius, James, Amnes, Zeras, Samuel, Isaac, Phinees, Crispus, Agrippas, and Judas 1816 —say:  We are not proselytes, but are children of the Jews, and speak of the truth; for we were present at the betrothal of Joseph and Mary.

And Pilate, calling these twelve men who said that He was not born of fornication, says to them:  I adjure you by the health of Cæsar, to tell me whether it be true that you say, that he was not born of fornication.  They say to Pilate:  We have a law against taking oaths, because it is a sin; but they will swear by the health of Cæsar, 1817 that it is not as we have said, and we are liable to death.  Pilate says to Annas and Caiaphas:  Have you nothing to answer to this?  Annas and Caiaphas say to Pilate:  These twelve are believed when they say that he was not born of fornication; all the multitude of us cry out that he was born of fornication, and that he is a sorcerer, and he says that he is the Son of God and a king, and we are not believed.

And Pilate orders all the multitude to go out, except the twelve men who said that He was not born of fornication, and he ordered Jesus to be separated from them.  And Pilate says to them:  For what reason do they wish to put him to death?  They say to him:  They are angry because he cures on the Sabbath.  Pilate says:  For a good work do they wish to put him to death?  They say to him:  Yes.



Matt. xxvii. 19.


One ms. adds:  Procla,—the traditional name of Pilate’s wife.


Three mss. add:  And by Beelzebul, prince of the demons, he casts out the demons, and they are all subject to him.


i.e., let them see to it.


There is considerable variation in the mss. as to these names.


Or, let them swear.

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