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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter XIII

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Chapter XIII.—How He Was Handed Over to Another Master.

Many days after came another teacher, a friend of Joseph, and said to him:  Hand him over to me, and I with much sweetness will teach him his letters.  And Joseph said to him:  If thou art able, take him and teach him.  May it be attended with joy.  When the teacher had taken Him, he went along in fear and in great firmness, and held Him with exultation.  And when He had come to the teacher’s house, He found a book lying there, and took it and opened it, and did not read what was written in the book; but opened His mouth, and spoke from the Holy Spirit, and taught the law.  And, indeed, all who were standing there listened to Him attentively; and the master sat down beside Him, and listened to Him with pleasure, and entreated Him to teach them more.  And a great crowd being gathered together, they heard all the holy teaching which He taught, and the choice words which came forth from the mouth of Him who, child as He was, spake such things.  And Joseph, hearing of this, was afraid, and running 1774 …the master, where Jesus was, said to Joseph:  Know, brother, that I have received thy child to teach him or train him; but he is filled with much gravity and wisdom.  Lo, now, take him home with joy, my brother; because the gravity which he has, has been given him by the Lord.  And Jesus, hearing the master thus speaking, became cheerful, and said:  Lo, now, master, thou hast truly said.  For thy sake, he who is dead shall rise again.  And Joseph took Him home.



Some words have been omitted here in the ms., but the sense is obvious enough.

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