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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter V

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Chapter V.—How the Citizens Were Enraged Against Joseph on Account of the Doings of Jesus.

And a few days after, as Jesus was walking through the town with Joseph, one of the children ran up and struck Jesus on the arm.  And Jesus said to him:  So shalt thou not finish thy journey.  And immediately he fell to the ground, and died.  And those who saw these wonderful things cried out, saying:  Whence is that boy?  And they said to Joseph:  It is not right for such a boy to be among us.  And Joseph went and brought Him.  And they said to him:  Go away from this place; but if thou must live with us, teach him to pray, and not to blaspheme:  but our children have been killed.  Joseph called Jesus, and reproved Him, saying:  Why dost thou blaspheme?  For these people who live here hate us.  And Jesus said:  I know that these words are not mine, but thine; but I will hold my tongue for thy sake:  and let them see to it in their wisdom.  And immediately those who were speaking against Jesus became blind.  And they walked up and down, and said:  All the words which proceed from his mouth are accomplished.  And Joseph seeing what Jesus had done, in a fury seized Him by the ear; and Jesus said to Joseph in anger:  It is enough for thee to see me, not to touch me.  For thou knowest not who I am; but if thou didst know, thou wouldst not make me angry.  And although just now I am with thee, I was made before thee.

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