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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter II

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Chapter II.—How a Schoolmaster Thrust Him Out of the City.

And as Jesus was walking with Mary His mother through the middle of the city market-place, He looked and saw a schoolmaster teaching his scholars.  And behold twelve sparrows that were quarrelling fell over the wall into the bosom of that schoolmaster, who was teaching the boys.  And seeing this, Jesus was very much amused, and stood still.  And when that teacher saw Him making merry, he said to his scholars with great fury:  Go and bring him to me.  And when they had carried Him to the master, he seized Him by the ear, and said:  What didst thou see, to amuse thee so much?  And He said to him:  Master, see my hand full of wheat.  I showed it to them, and scattered the wheat among them, and they carry it out of the middle of the street where they are in danger; and on this account they fought among themselves to divide the wheat.  And Jesus did not pass from the place until it was accomplished.  And this being done, the master began to thrust Him out of the city, along with His mother.

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