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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3.

Now, when he had been there for some time, on a certain day when he was alone, an angel of the Lord stood by him in a great light.  And when he was disturbed at his appearance, the angel who had appeared to him restrained his fear, saying:  Fear not, Joachim, nor be disturbed by my appearance; for I am the angel of the Lord, sent by Him to thee to tell thee that thy prayers have been heard, and that thy charitable deeds have gone up into His presence. 1694   For He hath seen thy shame, and hath heard the reproach of unfruitfulness which has been unjustly brought against thee.  For God is the avenger of sin, not of nature:  and, therefore, when He shuts up the womb of any one, He does so that He may miraculously open it again; so that that which is born may be acknowledged to be not of lust, but of the gift of God.  For was it not the case that the first mother of your nation—Sarah—was barren up to her eightieth year? 1695   And, nevertheless, in extreme old age she brought forth Isaac, to whom the promise was renewed of the blessing of all nations.  Rachel also, so favoured of the Lord, and so beloved by holy Jacob, was long barren; and yet she brought forth Joseph, who was not only the lord of Egypt, but the deliverer of many nations who were ready to perish of hunger.  Who among the judges was either stronger than Samson, or more holy than Samuel?  And yet the mothers of both were barren.  If, therefore, the reasonableness of my words does not persuade thee, believe in fact that conceptions very late in life, and births in the case of women that have been barren, are usually attended with something wonderful.  Accordingly thy wife Anna will bring forth a daughter to thee, and thou shalt call her name Mary:  she shall be, as you have vowed, consecrated to the Lord from her infancy, and p. 385 she shall be filled with the Holy Spirit, even from her mother’s womb.  She shall neither eat nor drink any unclean thing, nor shall she spend her life among the crowds of the people without, but in the temple of the Lord, that it may not be possible either to say, or so much as to suspect, any evil concerning her.  Therefore, when she has grown up, just as she herself shall be miraculously born of a barren woman, so in an incomparable manner she, a virgin, shall bring forth the Son of the Most High, who shall be called Jesus, and who, according to the etymology of His name, shall be the Saviour of all nations.  And this shall be the sign to thee of those things which I announce:  When thou shalt come to the Golden gate in Jerusalem, thou shalt there meet Anna thy wife, who, lately anxious from the delay of thy return, will then rejoice at the sight of thee.  Having thus spoken, the angel departed from him.



Comp. Acts x. 4.


Gen. xvii. 17.  Sarah was ninety years old.

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