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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter 29

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Chapter 29.

Then Joseph trembled, and took hold of Jesus, and went with Him to his own house, and His mother with Him.  And, behold, suddenly from the opposite direction a boy, also a worker of iniquity, ran up and came against the shoulder of Jesus, wishing to make sport of Him, or to hurt Him, if he could.  And Jesus said to him:  Thou shalt not go back safe and sound from the way that thou goest.  And immediately he fell down, and died.  And the parents of the dead boy, who had seen what happened, cried out, saying:  Where does this child come from?  It is manifest that every word that he says is true; and it is often accomplished before he speaks.  And the parents of the dead boy came to Joseph, and said to him:  Take away that Jesus from this place, for he cannot live with us in this town; or at least teach him to bless, and not to curse.  And Joseph came up to Jesus, and admonished Him, saying:  Why doest thou such things?  For already many are in grief p. 379 and against thee, and hate us on thy account, and we endure the reproaches of men because of thee.  And Jesus answered and said unto Joseph:  No one is a wise son but he whom his father hath taught, according to the knowledge of this time; and a father’s curse can hurt none but evil-doers.  Then they came together against Jesus, and accused him to Joseph.  When Joseph saw this, he was in great terror, fearing the violence and uproar of the people of Israel.  And the same hour Jesus seized the dead boy by the ear, and lifted him up from the earth in the sight of all:  and they saw Jesus speaking to him like a father to his son.  And his spirit came back to him, and he revived.  And all of them wondered.

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