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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1. 1616

In those days there was a man in Jerusalem, Joachim by name, of the tribe of Judah.  He was the shepherd of his own sheep, fearing the Lord in integrity and singleness of heart.  He had no other care than that of his herds, from the produce of which he supplied with food all that feared God, offering double gifts in the fear of God to all who laboured in doctrine, and who ministered unto Him.  Therefore his lambs, and his sheep, and his wool, and all things whatsoever he possessed, he used to divide into three portions:  one he gave to the orphans, the widows, the strangers, and the poor; the second to those that worshipped God; and the third he kept for himself and all his house. 1617   And as he did so, the Lord multiplied to him his herds, so that there was no man like him in the people of Israel.  This now he began to do when he was fifteen years old.  And at the age of twenty he took to wife Anna, the daughter of Achar, of his own tribe, that is, of the tribe of Judah, of the family of David.  And though they had lived together for twenty years, he had by her neither sons nor daughters. 1618



Two of themss. have this prologue:  I James, the son of Joseph, living in the fear of God, have written all that with my own eyes I saw coming to pass in the time of the nativity of the holy virgin Mary, or of the Lord the Saviour:  giving thanks to God, who has given me wisdom in the accounts of His Advent, showing His abounding grace to the twelve tribes of Israel.


Tobit i. 7.


One of themss. has:  Only they vowed that, if God should give them offspring, they would devote it to the service of the temple; and because of this, they were wont to go to the temple of the Lord at each of the yearly festivals.

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