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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXIII

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Chapter XXIII.—Peter Goes to Antioch.

Now, when ten days had passed away, there came one of our people 1545 from our father to announce to us how our father stood forward publicly in the shape of Simon, accusing him; 1546 and how by praising Peter he had made the whole city of Antioch long for him:  and in consequence of this, all said that they were eager to see him, and that there were some who were angry with him as being Simon, on account of their surpassing affection for Peter, and wished to lay hands on Faustus, believing he was Simon.  Wherefore he, fearing that he might be put to death, had sent to request Peter to come immediately if he wished to meet him alive, and to appear at the proper time to the city, when it was at the height of its longing for him. 1547   Peter, hearing this, called the multitude together to deliberate, and appointed one of his attendants bishop; and having remained three days in Laodicea baptizing and healing, he hastened to the neighboring city of Antioch.  Amen.



Supplied from the Recognitions.


This part is restored by means of the Recognitions.


[The narrative in the Recognitions (x. 65) is the same up to this point.  But, instead of this somewhat abrupt conclusion of this chapter, we find there several chapters (from the close of chap. 65 to the end, chap. 72), which round out the story:  the confession of the father in his metamorphosis, his restoration, the Apostle’s entry into Antioch, his miracles there, with the happy re-union of the entire family of Clement as believers.  It should be added, as indicating the close relation of the two narratives, that the closing sentence of the Homilies is found, with slight variations, in Recognitions, x. 18.—R.]

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