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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXI

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Chapter XXI.—Appion and Athenodorus Return in Quest of Faustus.

But Peter said:  “God arranges our affairs in a most satisfactory manner; 1541 for we have with us Annubion the astrologer. 1542   For when we arrive at Antioch, he will in future discourse regarding genesis, giving us his genuine opinions as a friend.”  Now when, after midnight, our father hurried with those whom Peter had ordered to go along with him and with Annubion to Antioch, which was near, early next day, before Peter went forth to discourse, Appion and Athenodorus, who had convoyed Simon, returned to Laodicea in search of our father.  But Peter, ascertaining the fact, urged them to enter.  And when they came in and sat down, and said, “Where is Faustus?” Peter answered:  “We know not; for since the evening, when he went to you, he has not been seen by his kinsmen.  But yesterday morning Simon came in search of him; and when we made no reply to him, something seemed to come over him, 1543 for he called himself Faustus; but not being believed, he wept and lamented, and threatened to kill himself, and then rushed out in the direction of the sea.”



We read ἐπιτηδειότατα, in harmony with the Recognitions.


Part in italics supplied from Recognitions.


The Greek is probably corrupt here; but there can scarcely be a doubt about the meaning.

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