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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XIX

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Chapter XIX.—Peter’s Instructions to Faustus.

“When you are with these in Antioch, while you look like Simon, proclaim publicly your repentance, saying, ‘I Simon proclaim this to you:  I confess 1535 that all my statements in regard to Peter are utterly false; 1536 for he is not a deceiver, nor a murderer, nor a juggler; nor are any of the evil things true which I, urged on by wrath, said previously in regard to him.  I myself therefore beg of you, I who have been the cause of your hatred to him, cease from hating him; for he is the true apostle of the true Prophet that was sent by God for the salvation of the world.  Wherefore also I counsel you to believe what he preaches; 1537 for if you do not, your whole city will be utterly destroyed.  Now I wish you to know for what reason I have made this confession to you.  This night angels of God scourged me, the impious one, terribly, as being an enemy to the herald of the truth.  I beseech you, therefore, do not listen to me, even if I myself should come at another time and attempt to say anything against Peter.  For I confess to you I am a magician, I am a deceiver, I am a juggler.  Yet perhaps it is possible for me by repentance to wipe out the sins which were formerly committed by me.’”



Amended according to Epitome.


Partly filled up from Epitome and Recognitions.


ms. reads, “I preach.”

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