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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XIV

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Chapter XIV.—The Change in the Form of Faustus Caused by Simon.

When the person who had gone before gave this report, Peter looked to my father, and said:  “You hear, Faustus; the change in your form has been caused by Simon the magician, as is now evident.  For, thinking that a servant 1525 of the emperor was seeking him to punish him, he became afraid and fled, putting you into his own shape, that if you were put to death, your children might have sorrow.”  When my father heard this, he wept and lamented, and said:  “You have conjectured rightly, Peter.  For Annubion, p. 344 who is my dear friend, 1526 hinted his design to me; but I did not believe him, miserable man that I am1527 since I deserved to suffer.”



Inserted by conjecture.


Part of this is supplied from the Recognitions.


Inserted from the Recognitions.

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