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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XI

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Chapter XI.—Arrival of Appion and Annubion.

And as we were going to take our meals, 1520 some one ran in and said:  “Appion Pleistonices has just come with Annubion from Antioch, and he is lodging with Simon.”  And my father hearing this, and rejoicing, said to Peter:  “If you permit me, I shall go to salute Appion and p. 343 Annubion, who have been my friends from childhood.  For perchance I shall persuade Annubion to discuss genesis with Clement.”  And Peter said:  “I permit you, and I praise you for fulfilling the duties of a friend.  But now consider how in the providence of God there come together from all quarters considerations which contribute to your full assurance, rendering the harmony complete.  But I say this because the arrival of Annubion happens advantageously for you.”  And my father:  “In truth, I see that this is the case.”  And saying this, he went to Simon.



[Chaps. 11–22 are almost identical with Recognitions, x. 52–64.  But the conclusion of that narrative is fuller, giving prominence to the re-united family; comp. also chap. 23 here.—R.]

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