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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXV

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Chapter XXV.—Simon Retires.  Sophonias Asks Peter to State His Real Opinions in Regard to Evil.

And Simon hearing this, gnashed his teeth for rage, and went away in silence.  But Peter (for a considerable portion of the day still remained) laid his hands on the large multitude to heal them; and having dismissed them, went into the house with his more intimate friends, and sat down.  And one of his attendants, of the name of Sophonias, said:  “Blessed is God, O Peter, who selected you and instructed 1477 you for the comfort of the good.  For, in truth, you discussed with Simon with dignity and great patience.  But we beg of you to discourse to us of evil; for we expect that you will state to us your own genuine belief in regard to it,—not, however at the present moment, but to-morrow, if it seems good to you:  for we spare you, because of the fatigue you feel on account of your discussion.”  And Peter said:  “I wish you to know, that he who does anything with pleasure, finds rest in the very toils themselves; but he p. 339 who does not do what he wishes, is rendered exceedingly weary by the very rest he takes.  Wherefore you confer on me a great rest when you make me discourse on topics which please me.”  Content, then, with his disposition, and sparing him on account of his fatigue, we requested him to put the discussion off till the night, when it was his custom to discourse to his genuine friends.  And partaking of salt, we turned to sleep.



An emendation of Wieseler’s.

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