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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XI

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Chapter XI.—The Application of the Attributes of Man to God.

And Simon, hearing this, said:  “You will not force me through shame to remain silent in regard to His substance, and to inquire into His will alone.  For it is possible both to think and to speak of His substance.  I mean from the good attributes that belong to man.  For instance, life and death are attributes of man; but death is not an attribute of God, but life, and eternal life.  Furthermore, men may be both evil and good; but God can be only incomparably good.  And, not to prolong the subject too much, the better attributes of man are eternal attributes of God.”  And Peter said:  “Tell me, Simon, is it an attribute of man to beget evil and good, and to do evil and good?”  And Simon said:  “It is.”  And Peter said:  “Since you made this assertion, we must assign the better attributes of man to God; and so, while men beget evil and good, God can beget good only; and while men do evil and good, God rejoices only in doing good.  Thus, with regard p. 334 to God, we must either not predicate any of the attributes of man and be silent, or it is reasonable that we should assign the best of the good attributes to Him.  And thus He alone is the cause of all good things.”

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