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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter VI

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Chapter VI.—Peter Accuses Simon of Being Worse Than the Devil.

And Simon said:  “When you have discussed all the subjects which I have laid before you, I shall show you the cause of evil.  Then I shall also reply to what you have now said, and prove that that God whom you affirm to be blameless is blameable.”  And Peter said:  “Since I perceive from what you say at the commencement that you are striving after nothing else than to subject God, as being the author of evil, to blame, I have resolved to go along with you all the ways you like, and to prove that God is entirely free from blame.”  And Simon said:  “You say this as loving God, whom you suppose you know; but you are not right.”  And Peter said:  “But you, as being wicked, and hating God whom you have not known, utter blasphemous words.”  And Simon said:  “Remember that you have likened me to the author of evil.”  And Peter said:  “I confess it, I was wrong in comparing you to the evil one; for I was compelled to do so, because I have not found one who is your equal, or worse than you.  For this reason I likened you to the evil one; for you happen to be much more wicked than the author of evil.  For no one can prove that the evil one spoke against God; but all of us who are present see you speaking daringly against Him.”  And Simon said:  “He who seeks the truth ought not to gratify any one in any respect contrary to what is really true.  For why does he make the inquiry at all?  Why, I ask? for I am not also able, laying aside the accurate investigation of things, to spend all my time in the praise of that God whom I do not know.” 1420



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