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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XIX

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Chapter XIX.—Misconception of God in the Old Testament.

“And some sinned thus, on account of imagining that there would be no judgment 1398 because of His goodness.  But others took an opposite course.  For, supposing the expressions of the Scriptures which are against God, and are unjust and false, to be true, they did not know His real divinity and power.  Therefore, in the belief that He was ignorant and rejoiced in murder, and let off the wicked in consequence of the gifts of sacrifices; yea, moreover, that He deceived and spake falsely, and did every thing that is unjust, they themselves did things like to what their God did, and thus sinning, asserted that they were acting piously.  Wherefore it was impossible for them to change to the better, and when warned they took no heed.  For they were not afraid, since they became like their God through such actions.



We have adopted the Latin translation here, as giving the meaning which was intended by the writer:  but the Greek will scarcely admit of such a translation.  Probably the text is corrupt, or something is omitted.  The literal translation is, “in consequence of the unjudging supposition on account of the goodness.”

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