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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XVI

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Chapter XVI.—These Things Hidden Justly from the Wise.

“And do not say He acted impiously towards the wise in hiding these things from them.  Far be such a supposition from us.  For He did not act impiously; but since they hid the knowledge of the kingdom, 1389 and neither themselves entered nor allowed those who wished to enter, on this account, and justly, inasmuch as they hid the ways from those who wished, were in like manner the secrets hidden from them, in order that they themselves might experience what they had done to others, and with what measure they had measured, an equal measure might be meted out to them. 1390   For to him who is worthy to know, is due that which he does not know; but from him who is not worthy, even should he seem to have any thing it is taken away, 1391 even if he be wise in other matters; and it is given to the worthy, even should they be babes as far as the times of their discipleship are concerned.



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