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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XI

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Chapter XI.—Simon Professes to Utter His Real Sentiments.

And Simon said:  It contributes much to victory, if the man who wars uses his own weapons; for what one loves he can in real earnest defend, and that which is defended with genuine earnestness has no ordinary power in it.  Wherefore in future I shall lay before you my real opinions.  I maintain that there is some unrevealed power, unknown to all, even to the Creator himself, as Jesus himself has also declared, though he did not know what he said.  For when one talks a great deal he sometimes hits the truth, not knowing what he is saying.  I am referring to the statement which he uttered, ‘No one knows the Father.’”  And Peter said:  “Do not any longer profess that you know His doctrines.”  And Simon said:  “I do not profess to believe his doctrines; but I am discussing points in which he was by accident right.”  And Peter said:  “Not to give you any pretext for escape, I shall carry on the discussion with you in the way you wish.  At the same time, I call all to witness that you do not yet believe the statement which you just now made.  For I know your opinions.  And in order that you may not imagine that I am not speaking the truth, I shall expound your opinions, that you may know that you are discussing with one who is well acquainted with them.

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