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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XX

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Chapter XX.—Another Subject for Discussion Proposed.

When Simon heard this, he said:  “Far be it from me to become his or your disciple.  For I am not ignorant of what I ought to know; but the inquiries which I made as a learner were made that I may see if you can prove that actual sight is more distinct than apparition. 1368   But you spoke according to your own pleasure; you did not prove.  And now, to-morrow I shall come to your opinions in regard to God, whom you affirmed to be the framer of the world; and in my discussion with you, I shall show that he is not the highest, nor good, and that your teacher made the same statements as I now do; and I shall prove that you have not understood him.”  On saying this he went away, not wishing to listen to what might be said to the propositions which he had laid down.



This passage is corrupt in the text.  Dressel reads, “that activity is more distinct than apparition.”  By activity would be meant, “acting while one is awake, and in full possession of his sense;” and thus the meaning would be nearly the same as in our translation.

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