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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XV

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Chapter XV.—The Evidence from Dreams Discussed.

And Simon said:  “If you maintain that apparitions do not always reveal the truth, yet for all that, visions and dreams, being God-sent, do not speak falsely in regard to those matters which they wish to tell.”  And Peter said:  “You were right in saying that, being God-sent, they do not speak falsely.  But it is uncertain if he who sees has seen a God-sent dream.”  And Simon said:  “If he who has had the vision is just, he has seen a true vision.”  And Peter said:  “You were right.  But who is just, if he stands in need of a vision that he may learn what he ought to learn, and do what he ought to do?”  And Simon said:  “Grant me this, that the just man alone can see a true vision, and I shall then reply to that other point.  For I have come to the conclusion that an impious man does not see a true dream.”  And Peter said:  “This is false; and I can prove it both apart from Scripture and by Scripture; but I do not undertake to persuade you.  For the man who is inclined to fall in love with a bad woman, does not change his mind so as to care for a lawful union with another woman in every respect good; but sometimes they love the worse woman through prepossessions, though they are conscious that there is another who is more excellent.  And you are ignorant, in consequence of some such state of mind.”  And Simon said:  “Dismiss this subject, and discuss the matter on which you promised to speak.  For it seems to me impossible that impious men should receive dreams from God in any way whatever.”

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