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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXI

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Chapter XXI.—Simon Promises to Appeal to the Teaching of Christ.  Peter Dismisses the Multitudes.

When Peter said this, Simon answered:  “Since I see you skilfully hinting that what is written in the books 1310 against the framer 1311 of the world does not happen to be true, to-morrow I shall show, from the discourses of your teacher, that he asserted that the framer of the world was not the highest God.”  And when Simon said this, he went out.  But Peter said to the assembled multitudes:  “If Simon can do no other injury to us in regard to God, he at least prevents you from listening to the words that can purify the soul.”  On Peter saying this, much whispering arose amongst the crowds, saying, “What necessity is there for permitting him to come in here, and utter his blasphemies against God?”  And Peter heard, and said, “Would that the doctrines against God which are intended to try men 1312 went no further than Simon!  For there will be, as the Lord said, false apostles, false prophets, 1313 heresies, desires for supremacy, who, as I conjecture, finding their beginning in Simon, who blasphemes God, will work together in the assertion of the same opinions against God as those of Simon.”  And saying this with tears, he summoned the multitudes to him by his hand; and when they came, he laid his hands upon them and prayed, and then dismissed them, telling them to come at an earlier hour next day.  Saying this, and groaning, he entered and went to sleep, without taking food.



i.e., the Scriptures.


A distinction has to be made between the Creator, or maker out of nothing, and the framer, or fashioner, or Demiurge, who puts the matter into shape.


Lit., “the word against God for the trial of men.”


Comp. Matt. xxiv. 24.

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