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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XV

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Chapter XV.—Christ Not God, But the Son of God.

When Simon heard this, he said:  “Since you say that we ought not to believe even the prophet that gives signs and wonders if he say that there is another god, and that you know that he even incurs the penalty of death, therefore your teacher also was with reason cut off for having given signs and wonders.”  And Peter answered:  “Our Lord neither asserted that there were gods except the Creator of all, nor did He proclaim Himself to be God, but He with reason pronounced blessed him who called Him the Son of that God who has arranged the universe.”  And Simon answered:  “Does it not seem to you, then, that he who comes from God is God?” 1299   And Peter said:  “Tell us how this is possible; for we cannot affirm this, because we did not hear it from Him.



[Here we encounter marked evidence of Ebionism.  Compare with these chapters the letter of Rufinus prefixed to the Recognitions.—R.]

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