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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter III

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Chapter III.—The Mode of the Discussion.

And our father said:  “Well might you have demanded testimony from me, Simon, if Peter had first denied that he had made the promise.  But now I shall feel no shame in saying what I am bound to say.  I think that you wish to enter on the discussion inflamed with anger.  Now this is a state of mind in which it is improper for you to speak and for us to listen to you; for we are no longer being helped on to the truth. but we are watching the progress of a contest.  And now, having learned from Hellenic culture how those who seek the truth ought to act, I shall remind you.  Let each of you give an exposition of his own opinion, 1251 and let the right of speech pass from the one to the other. 1252   For if Peter alone should wish to expound his thought, but you should be silent as to yours, it is possible that some argument adduced by you might crush both your and his opinion; and both of you, though defeated by this argument, would not appear defeated, but only the one who expounded his opinion; while he who did not expound his, though equally defeated, would not appear defeated, but would even be thought to have conquered.”  And Simon answered:  “I will do as you say; but I am afraid lest you do not turn out a truth-loving judge, as you have been already prejudiced by his arguments.”





One ms. and an Epitome have:  “And you must address your arguments to another who acts as judge.”

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