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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter VIII

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Chapter VIII.—The Present and the Future.

“If, then, you wish to have an accurate account of the matter, listen.  Those of whom you said a little before that they receive injustice, rather act unjustly themselves; for they who have chosen the future blessings, live along with the bad in the present world, having many enjoyments the same as the bad,—such as life itself, light, bread, water, clothing, and others of a like nature.  But they who are thought by you to act unjustly, shall not live with the good p. 311 men in 1241 the coming age.”  And our father replied to this:  “Now when you have convinced me that those who act unjustly suffer injustice themselves, while those who suffer injustice have by far the advantage, the whole affair seems to me still more the most unjust of transactions; for those who seem to act unjustly grant many things to those who have chosen the future blessings, but those who seem to receive injustice do themselves commit injustice, because they do not give in the other world, to those who have given them blessings here, the same advantages which these gave to them.”  And Peter said:  “This is not unjust at all, because each one has the power to choose the present or the future goods, whether they be small or great.  He who chooses by his own individual judgment and wish, receives no injustice,—I mean, not even should his choice rest on what is small, since the great lay within his choice, as in fact did also the small.”  And our father said:  “You are right; for it has been said by one of the wise men of the Greeks, ‘The blame rests with those who chose—God is blameless.’ 1242



We have translated Schwegler’s emendation.  He inserted ἐν.


Plato, Rep., x. 617 E.

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