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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter IV

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Chapter IV.—Providence Seen in the Events of the Life of Faustus and His Family.

“But I maintain, from what has happened to you, 1224 that all things are managed by the providence of God, and that your separation from your family for so many years was providential; 1225 for since, if they had been with you, they perhaps would not have listened to the doctrines of the true religion, it was arranged that your children should travel with their mother, should be shipwrecked, should be supposed to have perished, and should be sold; 1226 moreover, that they should be educated in the learning of the Greeks, especially in the atheistic doctrines, in order that, as being acquainted with them, they might be the better able to refute them; and in addition to this, that they should become attached to the true religion, and be enabled to be united with me, so as to help me in my preaching; furthermore, that their brother Clement should meet in the same place, and that thus his mother should be recognised, and through her cure 1227 should be fully convinced of the right worship of God; 1228 that after no long interval the twins should recognise and be recognised, and the other day should fall in with you, and that you should receive back your own.  I do not think, then, that such a speedy filling in of circumstances, coming as it were from all quarters, so as to accomplish one design, could have happened without the direction of Providence.”



[The recapitulation of Peter in Recognitions, ix. 26, is in explanation to the sons, and not for a doctrinal purpose.—R.]


We have adopted a reading suggested by the second Epitome.


The word ἀπρασίαι is corrupt.  We have adopted the emendation πρᾶσις.  The word is not given in the ms. O, nor in the Epitomes.


ὑπὸ θεραπείας, which Cotelerius translates recuperata sanitate.


Lit., “convinced of the Godhead.”  “Godhead” is omitted in the Epitomes.

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