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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter VIII

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Chapter VIII.—The Old Man Gives Information in Regard to Faustus the Father of Clement.

“When the old man had thus spoken, I knew from what he said that the old man who he stated had died, was no other than your father.  I did not wish, however, to communicate your circumstances to him until I should confer with you.  But I ascertained where his lodging was, and I pointed out mine to him; and to make sure that my conjecture was right, I put this one question to him:  ‘What was the name of the old man?’  And he said, ‘Faustus.’  ‘And what were the names of his twin sons?’  And he answered, ‘Faustinus and Faustinianus.’  ‘What was the name of the third son?’  He said, ‘Clement.’  ‘What was their mother’s name?’  He said, ‘Mattidia.’  Accordingly, from compassion, I shed tears along with him, and, dismissing the multitudes, I came to you, in order that I might take counsel with you after we had partaken of food 1209 together.  But I did not wish to disclose the matter to you before we had partaken of food, lest perchance you should be overcome by sorrow, and continue sad on the day of baptism, when even angels rejoice.”  At these statements of Peter we all fell a weeping along with our mother.  But he beholding us in tears, said:  “Now let each one of you, through fear of God, bear bravely what has been said:  for certainly it was not to-day that your father died, but long ago, as you conjecturing said.”



Lit., “of salt.”

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