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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter X

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Chapter X.—Mattidia Values Baptism Aright.

And I said:  “Tell us what it was that she said which made her faith manifest.”  And Peter, said:  “Her request that her hostess and benefactress should be baptized along with her.  For she would not have besought this to be granted to her whom she loves, had she not herself first felt that baptism was a great gift.  And for this reason I condemn many that, after being baptized, and asserting that they have faith, they yet do nothing worthy of faith; nor do they urge those whom they love—I mean their wives, or sons, or friends—to be baptized. 1169   For if they had believed that God grants eternal life with good works on the acceptance of baptism, 1170 they without delay would urge those whom they loved to be baptized.  But some one of you will say, ‘They do love them, and care for them.’  That is nonsense.  For do they not, most assuredly, when they see them sick, or led away along the road that ends in death, or enduring any other trial, lament over them and pity them?  So, if they believed that eternal fire awaits those who worship not God, they would not cease admonishing them, or being in deep distress for them as unbelievers, if they saw them disobedient, being fully assured that punishment awaits them.  But now I shall send for the hostess, and question her as to whether she deliberately accepts the law which is proclaimed through us; 1171 and so, according to her state of mind, shall we do what ought to be done.



Lit., “to this.”


ἐπὶ τῷ βαπτίσματι; lit., “on the condition of baptism.”


Lit., “the law which is by means of us.”  But the Epitomes, and a various reading in Cotelerius, give “our law.”

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