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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter III

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Chapter III.—Recognition of Nicetas and Aquila.

Now when this summary narrative had been given by Peter, Nicetas and Aquila in amazement said:  “Is this indeed true, O Ruler and Lord of the universe, or is it a dream?”  And Peter said:  “Unless we are asleep, it certainly is true.”  On this they waited for a little in deep meditation, and then said:  “We are Faustinus and Faustinianus.  From the commencement of your conversation we looked at each other, and conjectured much with regard to ourselves, whether what was said had reference to us or not; for we reflected that many coincidences take place in life.  Wherefore we remained silent while our hearts beat fast.  But when you came to the end of your narrative, we saw clearly 1161 that your statements referred to us, and then we avowed who we were.”  And on saying this, bathed in tears, they rushed in to see their mother; and although they found her asleep, they were yet anxious to embrace her.  But Peter forbade them, saying:  “Let me bring you and present you to your mother, lest she should, in consequence of her great and sudden joy, lose her reason, as she is slumbering, and her spirit is held fast by sleep.”



The text is somewhat doubtful.  We have given the meaning contained in the first Epitome.

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