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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXIII

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Chapter XXIII.—Reward of Hospitality.

But Peter said, “Alas!  What are you doing, my son Clement, shaking off your real mother?”  But I, when I heard this, wept, and falling down by my mother, who had fallen, I kissed her.  For as soon as this was told me, I in some way recalled her appearance indistinctly.  Then great crowds ran together to see the beggar woman, telling one another that her son had recognised her, and that he was a man of consideration.  Then, when we would have straightway left the island with my mother, she said to us, “My much longed-for son, it is right that I should bid farewell to the woman who entertained me, p. 297 who, being poor and wholly debilitated, lies in the house.”  And Peter hearing this, and all the multitude who stood by, admired the good disposition of the woman.  And immediately Peter ordered some persons to go and bring the woman on her couch.  And as soon as the couch was brought and set down, Peter said, in the hearing of the whole multitude, “If I be a herald of the truth, in order to the faith of the bystanders, that they may know that there is one God, who made the world, let her straightway rise whole.”  And while Peter was still speaking, the woman arose healed, and fell down before Peter, and kissed her dear associate, and asked her what it all meant.  Then she briefly detailed to her the whole business of the recognition, 1147 to the astonishment of the hearers.  Then also my mother, seeing her hostess cured, entreated that she herself also might obtain healing.  And his placing his hand upon her, cured her also.



[Comp. Recognitions, vii. 23, where the translator prints the word in italics.—R.]

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