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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXI

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Chapter XXI.—A Disclosure.

While Peter thus spoke, the woman, who had listened attentively, swooned away as if in stupor.  But Peter approached her, and caught hold of her, and exhorted her to restrain herself, persuading her to confess what was the matter with her.  But she, being powerless in the rest of her body, as through intoxication, turned her head round, being able to sustain the greatness of the hoped for joy, and rubbing her face:  “Where,” said she, “is this youth?”  And he, now seeing through the whole affair, said, “Tell me first; for otherwise you cannot see him.”  Then she earnestly said, “I am that youth’s mother.”  Then said Peter, “What is his name?”  And she said, “Clement.”  Then Peter said, “It is the same, and he it was that spoke to me a little while ago, whom I ordered to wait for me in the boat.  And she, falling at Peter’s feet, entreated him to make haste to come to the boat.  Then Peter, “If you will keep terms with me, I shall do so.”  Then she said, “I will do anything; only show me my only child.  For I shall seem to see in him my two children who died here.”  Then Peter said, “When ye see him, be quiet, until we depart from the island.”  And she said, “I will.”

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