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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter VII

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Chapter VII.—“Not to Be Ministered Unto, But to Minister.”

But I, when I heard this, fell a-trembling and weeping, that such a word should be spoken by a man to whom all the men of this generation are inferior in point of knowledge and piety.  But he, seeing me weeping, asked the cause of my tears.  Then I said, “In what have I sinned so that you have spoken to me such a word?”  Then Peter answered, “If it were wrong of me to speak of being your servant, you were first in fault in asking to be mine.”  Then I said, “The cases are not parallel; for to do this indeed becomes me well; but it is terrible for you, the herald of God, and who savest our souls, to do this to me.”  Then Peter answered, “I should agree with you, but that 1145 our Lord, who came for the salvation of all the world, being alone noble above all, submitted to the condition of a servant, that He might persuade us not to be ashamed to perform the ministrations of servants to our brethren, however well-born we may be.”  Then I said, “If I think to overcome you in argument, I am foolish.  However, I thank the providence of God, that I have been thought worthy to have you instead of parents.”



A negative particle seems to be dropped from the text.

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