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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXVII

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Chapter XXVII.—All Need Baptism.

“Therefore approach, be ye righteous or unrighteous.  For if you are righteous, baptism alone is lacking in order to salvation.  But if you are unrighteous, come to be baptized for the remission of the sins formerly committed in ignorance.  And to the unrighteous man it remains that his well-doing after baptism be according to the proportion of his previous impiety.  Wherefore, be ye righteous or unrighteous, hasten to be born to God, because delay brings danger, on account of the fore-appointment of death being unrevealed; and show by well-doing your likeness to the Father, who begetteth you of water.  As a lover of truth, honour the true God as your Father.  But His honour is that you live as He, being righteous, would have you live.  And the will of the righteous One is that you do no wrong.  But wrong is murder, hatred, envy, and such like; and of these there are many forms.

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