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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XVII

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Chapter XVII.—The Egyptians’ Defence of Their System.

On Peter’s saying this, the surrounding multitude laughed.  Then Peter said to the laughing multitude:  “You laugh at their proceedings, not knowing that you are yourselves much more objects of ridicule to them.  But you laugh at one another’s proceedings; for, being led by evil custom into deceit, you do not see your own.  But I admit that you have reason to laugh at the idols of the Egyptians, since they, being rational, worship irrational animals, and these altogether dying.  But listen to what they say when they deride you.  We, they say, though we worship p. 283 dying creatures, yet still such as have once had life:  but you reverence things that never lived.  And in addition to this, they say, We wish to honour the form of the one God, but we cannot find out what it is, and so we choose to give honour to every form.  And so, making some such statements as these, they think that they judge more rightly than you do.

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