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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XVI

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Chapter XVI.—Powers of the Demons.

“But that the soul of each man embodies the forms of demons after his own preconceptions, and that those who are called gods do not appear, is manifest from the fact that they do not appear to the Jews.  But some one will say, How then do they give oracular responses, forecasting future things?  This also is false.  But suppose it were true, this does not prove them to be gods; for it does not follow, if anything prophesies, that it is a god.  For pythons prophesy, yet they are cast out by us as demons, and put to flight.  But some one will say, They work cures for some persons.  It is false.  But suppose it were true, this is no proof of Godhead; for physicians also heal many, yet are not gods.  But, says one, physicians do not completely heal those of whom they take charge, but these heal oracularly.  But the demons know the remedies that are suited to each disease.  Wherefore, being skilful physicians, and able to cure those diseases which can be cured by men, and also being prophets, and knowing when each disease is healed of itself, they so arrange their remedies that they may gain the credit of producing the cure.

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