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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter LVIII

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Chapter LVIII.—Flight of Simon.

Therefore Simon, perceiving that Peter was driving him to use the Scriptures as Jesus taught, was unwilling that the discussion should go into the doctrine concerning God, even although Peter had changed the discussion into question and answer, as Simon himself asked.  However, the discussion occupied three days. 1019   And while the fourth was dawning, he set off darkling as far as Tyre of Phœnicia. 1020   And not many days after, some of the precursors came and said to Peter:  “Simon is doing great miracles in Tyre, and disturbing many of the people there; and by many slanders he has made you to be hated.”



[The three days’ discussion is detailed in Recognitions, ii. 20–iii. 48; the account here is confined to the first day.—R.]


[Comp. Recognitions, iii. 73.  The historical incidents of the two narratives vary greatly from this point onward.—R.]

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