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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XLIX

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Chapter XLIX.—The True Prophet.

Then Peter said:  “I shall tell you forthwith.  It is written in the first book of the law, towards the end:  ‘A ruler shall not fail from Judah, nor a leader from his thighs, until He come whose it is; and He is the expectation of the nations.’ 991   If, therefore, any one can apprehend Him who came after the failure of ruler and leader from Judah, and who was to be expected by the nations, he will be able by this verse to recognise Him as truly having come; 992 and believing His teaching, he will know what of the Scriptures are true and what are false.”  Then said Simon:  “I understand that you speak of your Jesus as Him who was prophesied of by the scripture.  Therefore let it be granted that it is so.  Tell us, then, how he taught you to discriminate the Scriptures.”



Gen. xlix. 10.


From the amended reading of Davis.

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