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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XLI

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Chapter XLI.—“Status Quæstionis.”

Then said Simon:  “You are manifestly avoiding the hearing of the charge from the Scriptures against your God.”  Then Peter:  “You yourself appear to me to be doing this; for he who avoids the order of inquiry, does not wish a true investigation to be made.  Hence I, who proceed in an orderly manner, and wish that the writer should first be considered, am manifestly desirous to walk in a straight path.”  Then Simon:  “First confess that if the things written against the Creator are true, he is not above all, since, according to the Scriptures, he is subject to all evil; then afterwards we shall inquire as to the writer.”  Then said Peter:  “That I may not seem to speak against your want of order through unwillingness to enter upon the investigation, 985 I answer you.  I say that if the things written against God are true, they do not show that God is wicked.”  Then said Simon:  “How can you maintain that?”



The text of this passage in all the editions is meaningless.  It becomes clear by change of punctuation.

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