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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXXV

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Chapter XXXV.—“These are a Part of His Ways.”

“And how many things besides are unknown, having eluded the sagacity of men!  And of those that are within our comprehension, who of mankind knows the limit?  I mean, how the heaven rolls, how the stars are borne in their courses, and what forms they have, and the subsistence of their being, 977 and what are their ethereal paths.  And whence the blasts of winds are borne around, and have different energies; whence the fountains ceaselessly spring, and the rivers, being ever flowing, run down into the sea, p. 245 and neither is that fountain emptied whence they come, nor do they fill that sea whither they come!  How far reaches the unfathomable depth of the boundless Tartarus!  Upon what the heaven is upborne which encircles all!  How the clouds spring from air, and are absorbed into air!  What is the nature of thunder and lightning, snow, hail, mist, ice, storms, showers, hanging clouds!  And how He makes plants and animals!  And these things, with all accuracy, continually perfected in their countless varieties!



Literally, “of their life,” according to the idea prevalent of old, that the heavenly bodies were living creatures.

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