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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XIX

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Chapter XIX.—Reign of Christ.

“On this account, I say, He Himself, rising from His seat as a father for his children, proclaiming the things which from the beginning were delivered in secret to the worthy, extending mercy even to the Gentiles, and compassionating the souls of all, neglected His own kindred.  For He, being thought worthy to be King of the world to come, fights against 962 him who, by predestination, has usurped the kingdom that now is.  And the thing which exceedingly grieved Him is this, that by those very persons for whom, as for sons, he did battle, He was assailed, on account of their ignorance.  And yet He loved even those who hated Him, and wept over the unbelieving, and blessed those who slandered Him, and prayed for those who were in enmity against Him. 963   And not only did He do this as a father, but also taught His disciples to do the like, bearing themselves as towards brethren. 964   This did our Father, this did our Prophet.  This is reasonable, that He should be King over His children; that by the affection of a father towards his children, and the engrafted respect of children towards their father, eternal peace might be produced.  For when the good man reigneth, there is true joy among those who are ruled over, on account of him who rules.



From a conjectural reading by Neander.


Matt. 23:37, Luke 13:34, Luke 23:34.


Matt. v. 44.

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