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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XLI

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Chapter XLI.—Asking for Information, Not Contradiction.

Then I Clement, hearing this, said:  “Truly I rejoice, and I give thanks to God, who in all things doeth well.  However, he knows that I shall be able to think nothing other than that all p. 237 things are for God.  Wherefore do not suppose that I ask questions, as doubting the words concerning God, 948 or those that are to be spoken, but rather that I may learn, and so be able myself to instruct another who is ingenuously willing to learn.  Wherefore tell me what are the falsehoods added to the Scriptures, and how it comes that they are really false.”  Then Peter answered:  “Even although you had not asked me, I should have gone on in order, and afforded you the exposition of these matters, as I promised.  Learn, then, how the Scriptures misrepresent Him in many respects, that you may know when you happen upon them.



The text has ὑπό, “by,” which has been altered into ὑπέρ.  Davis would read σου, “by you.”

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